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Autocontex was launched in 1973 and began operations between northern Germany and Great Britain with 10 trailers. At that time we used the Prince Line ferry service for shipping from Bremerhaven to Harwich. The intermodal, unaccompanied trailer business between Great Britain and Germany expanded rapidly as German carriers and shipping agents availed themselves of the fast and safe transport connections that Autocontex offered. In 1975 we established Autocontex Düsseldorf. This was joined in 1978 by Autocontex Lübeck, which enabled us to offer our customers transport services to Scandinavia as well. Our trailer operations now embraced both the North and Baltic Sea routes. Autocontex Felixstowe started up a year later. The Port of Felixstowe experienced more robust growth than all other ports In the UK, which was reason enough for Autocontex to establish a base there. In order to secure market share in Scandinavia and to offer our customers an even broader range of services, we established ACI Transport & Spedition AB Malmö/Göteborg in 1992. And in order to make greater use of the possibilities afforded by the part of Rotterdam, Autocontex Rotterdam was launched in 1995.

AUTOCONTEX GmbH • Seelandstraße 1, Gebäude 6, Anbau • D-23569 Lübeck • Tel: +49 451 48 003 0 • Fax: +49 451 48 003 40 • E-mail: