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As our customer, you will be provided with regular contacts who will have a clear understanding of your needs.
So give us a call. We speak your language, and we can quickly determine what the best offer and fastest service will be for you.
Languages spoken: English, Danish, Swedish, and Norwegian.

Reliability through safety
In the interest of offering unconditionally reliable service each and every day, we make it a point to use only the most modern equipment. Our trailers are on average no more than six years old. Regular maintenance provided by permanent partners keeps our daily transport operations on schedule. It goes without saying that we use only specially trained drivers (ADR licence holders) to transport hazardous materials. When transporting wood from and to Scandinavia, we always secure the cargo with centre stakes.
And our claims are backed by our ISO 9002 / EN 29002 certification, first issued in 1992.


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